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What is this?

This is an interactive version of Meyer's Square. It's used to indicate one of the four openings, highlighting each one with a green square. There a number of applications for use, but it's most often used to structure cuts into each quarter.

For instance, in the traditional pattern the first quarter is in the top right, when it flashes, cut into it with a right oberhau/fendente. The second is the bottom left, so perform a left unterhau/sotano. Third is the bottom right, so as it flashes perform a right unterhau/sotano. The forth is the top left, so perform a left oberhau/fendente.

The pattern of the four openings changes, until 16 opening have been indicated, this is 1 round. You can set as many rounds as you'd like and the speed of each opening. Hit start to begin.







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